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ExtraVirgin Coconut Oil

COCOS Extra Virgin Coconut Oil consists of more than 50% MCTs, Lauric (C12) fatty acids. These fats are naturally occurring fats present in coconuts. These fats can also be found in human breast milk and goat’s milk.

A versatile oil with a rich and pleasant alluring coconut aroma, it is the ideal secret ingredient for coconut-flavored recipes.

Derived from coconuts. No added preservatives, colourings or additives of animal origins, and free of unhealthy trans fatty acids

It is also a nutritious alternative to traditional oils, butters and fats. Ideal for middle heat cooking (up to 175°C / 350°F), it can be used in dresses, sauces & marinades. It also serves as a delicious addition when drizzled over grilled vegetables and meats.

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