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About us Cocos food

Who Are We?
Cocos Food is a manufacturer and global supplier headquartered in Singapore. We produce an extensive range of edible and functional coconut related products for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and skincare industries. Our products are marketed under the “COCOS®” brand globally. Apart from our own brand, we offer OEM products for our clients under their own labels as well. We currently supply to many markets including Australia, Canada, Greater China, Japan, Southeast Asia and USA.

Mission: Cocos constantly strives to innovate and develop a wide range of exceptional and high quality products that meet and exceed the needs of our clients and customers; allowing us to bring quality life by sharing the benefits of the coconut superfood with the world.

Vision: Serving and building healthy communities all around the world.



Our Story
Our enthusiasm and passion for the coconut spans four generations and over 80 years. We had our beginnings in the 1930s with a modest coconut plantation in Changi, Singapore. Coconuts harvested from the plantation were used to extract copra, from which coconut oil was extracted. Everything was done manually from scratch in the past: from the harvesting of coconuts high up in the coconut trees to the extraction of every ounce of coconut oil from copra.

We realised that this process left many other parts of the coconut unutilised and we have expanded the usage of this superfood from the recyclable husk to the fresh meat and the nutritious water. The production process is now largely automated as well. Over the years, we have been constantly innovating and creating new products to maximise the benefits of coconuts: from coconut water and milk beverages to modern formulations of MCT oil, powder, supplements and cosmetic applications.

There is a saying in the South Pacific (where coconuts are commonly found): “He who plants a coconut tree plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a habitation for himself and a heritage for his children.” This is a link to the DNA of Cocos: a spirit of ingenuity and a commitment to unearth and develop a wide range of applications from the coconut to bring quality life so as to serve and build healthy communities all around the world.

Coconut trees life cycles