About us Cocos food

Cocos Food Pte Ltd, a company established in Singapore, is a global manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of edible and functional coconut products in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and skincare industries. At Cocos where integration of quality and innovation is highly accentuated, we strive to unearth and develop a wide range of applications from the humble coconut, delivering only high quality premium products that not only showcase the benefits of the superfood, but also cater to your every need.

Coconut trees life cycles


  • Virgin Coconut Oil

    High quality coconut oil. Rich in MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Derived from 100% fresh coconut milk.

  • Cocostrienol range

    Made with 100% premium MCT coconut oil and Tocotrienol, a family of Vitamin E with amazing antioxidant properties, extracted from coconut.

  • Coconut MCT Powder

    Rich in MCTs Caprylic and Capric acid. Mild coconut taste and aroma. Free of cholesterol, trans fatty acids and gluten.

  • Coconut Cooking Oil

    Contains beneficial MCTs and free of preservatives, colourings, cholesterol and trans fatty acids, your healthier alternative for your culinary delight.

  • coconut beverages

    Made with 100% natural tender coconut water. Contains 5 essential electrolytes: Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium & Phosphorus


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