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Currently we are looking for distributors and agents worldwide. Kindly write to us at cocos@cocos.com.sg or call +65 6455 2923

诚招各国各地区代理商和经销商。如有兴趣,请电邮cocos@cocos.com.sg 或致电+65 6455 2923



Mrs. Bhagwanti - "I have been taking COCOS MCT Oil every day and used it also for cooking oil since February 2006. Now my weight is 70 kg, my blood test are normal and" ...

Richard - "I have been monitoring my blood pressure regularly for quite a while. After consuming the COCOS Virgin Coconut Oil for 6 weeks, taking about 2 tablespoons daily, I noticed that my blood pressure reading has reduced to a healthier range" ...

Mr. Manoharan - "I started applying COCOS Virgin Coconut Oil (w/Jasmine Extract) over my head since mid-2005, once to twice daily. Within 2 months after I started with the oil, I experienced visible improvement in my hair growth condition" ... read more

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Welcome to COCOS
Anti-microbial & Anti-viral
For children who need to build up their immunity!
Strength & Energy
For active individuals who need the extra vigor!
Better Digestion & Absorption
For the elderly who need nourishments and stay healthy!